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CEO, Co-Founder, Teaching Artist


is the Co-Founder of BOLD Arts, a leading creative dance and arts program based in the tri-state area. Jenn has been involved in the dance education world for over two decades, as a teacher, trainer, presenter, curriculum consultant, and performer.  Jenn has a BA in Dance Education from Marymount Manhattan College. As a professional in the arts, she is known for her energetic, positive, entertaining, and empowering approach to working with children.  Through BOLD Arts, Jenn has led programming at The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, The Shefa School, All Saints Day School, The Village Electric, and Reeves-Reed Arboretum, to name a few. She is proud of the development of the BOLD Pop curriculum, which fuses jazz, hip hop, fitness, creative dance and storytelling, and has loved training and supporting BOLD teaching artists in teaching this style.  Jenn is the Performance Coordinator and Dance Teacher at All Saints Day School in Hoboken, NJ, where she has worked for 13 years, and where BOLD began. Jenn taught with National Dance Institute (NDI) in NYC for over 10 years. While with the organization, Jenn developed programs for early childhood, as well as sequential programs for all grade levels, and created virtual content throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She presented on behalf of NDI at conferences like NDEO and Face to Face, and led trainings for teachers at ABT, DEL, Community Word Project, and more.   Jenn has consulted with Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Carolyn Dorfman Dance, and for the children’s television series, Creative Galaxy.  Jenn and Chelsea worked together with House of the Roses, an outreach program that serves homeless children in NYC, to co-write a curriculum that has been successfully used by volunteer teaching artists for years.  She danced with Spark Movement Collective, Bianca Johnson and Dancers and Undertoe Dance Project, as well as many musical theater productions throughout the tri-state. A personal favorite performance experience was performing as a dancing doll, with blonde hair, on a raked stage!  Jenn loves sharing the magic of dance and the arts with her students!

Student Assistants

Harper Conboy

Harper Conboy is a 14 year old who lives in New York City and goes to the Marymount School of New York. Harper has always had a deep love for dancing, and that’s why she joined BOLD Arts when she was about 6 years old. Eventually she joined the performance team where she was pushed to become a stronger dancer. Later, she assisted a BOLD Arts dance class for younger kids which made her discover her love teaching children. To keep on pursuing this passion, she has decided to assist a BOLD Arts dance camp for 3 and 4 year olds. Overall, Harper is very excited to keep on encouraging and inspiring young dancers to follow their dreams.

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Evis Diaz

Evis Diaz brings her passion and enthusiasm with experience in performance, choreography, and dance. At a very young age, she started her dance training at multiple companies including BOLD Arts, where she developed a deep love and appreciation for dance. She furthered her training in various styles, including hip-hop, jazz, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, and flamenco. She has performed in numerous recitals and participated in workshops and classes with renowned dance professionals. Currently, with a crew of over twenty members, Evis executes and choreographs several performances and dance routines for charity events and cultural heritage celebrations. She ensures exceptional on-stage performances in competitions such as Dance Educators of America, The United States Tournament of Dance, Legacy Dance Competition, Cathy Roe’s Dance Competition, and Sheer Talent Dance Competition. As a teen assistant at BOLD Arts, she is excited to help inspire and guide young dancers as they explore the world of dance and discover their own unique style.

Sofia Medenica

Sofia Medenica is a 17 year-old singer, and dancer. She has been dancing with BOLD Arts since she was little, and is so grateful to continue being a teen assistant. Sofia has previously danced at Summit School of Dance for 10 years and she participates as a featured dancer in her school's musical. The classes she has taken include ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. She is also part of the select choir at Summit High School where she can showcase her singing ability because it is her favorite thing to do. She is a singer/songwriter located in Summit, New Jersey and she has two singles out on all streaming platforms. She records at lakehouse studios in asbury park and enjoys songwriting as a way to share things with the world. She is excited as a teen assistant to help girls and boys discover their passion for any style in performing arts and explore everything life has to offer.

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Mika Mermelstein

Mika Mermelstein is a 16-year-old dancer based in New York City. She discovered her passion for dance when she started dancing with BOLD Arts at age five. She has continued to work with BOLD Arts as a teaching assistant, aiming to foster the artistic and inclusive environment that defines the program. Additionally, she is a member of the Beacon Dance Company and has been dancing at Broadway Dance Center for seven years. Her primary focus areas in training are hip-hop, Latin jazz, and contemporary dance. Her credits include dancing in the 8th Annual Dance Educators Collective Concert presented by the NYC Department of Education at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, Jazz Choreography Enterprises' Jazz Dance Project, GoNoodle, National Dance Institute's DREAM Project performance, Broadway Dance Center's Student Showcase, and more. Currently, Mika is working to build her choreographic skills, helping to set pieces in collaboration with BOLD Arts teaching artists.

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Evan Strasser

Evan Strasser is a 14 year old dancer living in New York City. He started dancing with BOLD Arts when he was 5 years old, taking classes during the school year as well as participating in BOLD Arts camps. He later became a BOLD Arts student assistant and was a member of the BOLD Arts performance team. Evan currently dances at Broadway Dance Center and Steps On Broadway, with over nine years of hip hop experience as well as training in jazz, contemporary, ballet, and jumps and turns. Evan also dances and is learning how to choreograph at school and this year performed in his school’s annual dance show which is wholly choreographed by students. Evan has been passionate about dance for as long as he can remember, and he loves to inspire other children to dance.

Avery Schmalzbauer

Avery is an alumni of All Saint Epsicopal Day School and is a current student at The Franklin School. Avery is passionate about all things arts, especially music and dance. In her free time Avery enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading, and babysitting. Avery is excited to dace with BOLD Arts this summer.


Beatrix Vino

Beatrix Vino (Beta) is a 14-year-old dancer based in Jersey City, NJ. She fell in love with dance at the age of three and after years of dancing in the BOLD Arts after school program, she decided to fully immerse herself in her training with the Nimbus Junior Youth Ensemble and now in the Nimbus Pre-Professional Ensemble. She studies ballet, jazz, modern, acro, and hip hop, and has performed with the ensembles and the Nimbus professional company on stages ranging from community festivals, to school fundraisers, to NJPAC. In 2022, Beta was thrilled to dance in a reimagining of Martha Graham’s Rite of Spring choreographed by Sam Pott and performed with Nimbus and the NJ Symphony Orchestra at NJPAC and Mayo PAC, as well as the lead role of Maria in Nimbus’ annual production of Jersey City Nutcracker. Beta loves sharing her passion with others through performance and teaching. She has worked as a junior counselor at BOLD Arts and JC Summer Arts in New Jersey and New York.


Gabrielle Wilson

Gabrielle (Gabby) is an enthusiastic and passionate dancer, actress, and leader. She is an alumna of All Saints Episcopal Day School, where she discovered her love for the arts and served as President of the Student Government. Gabby has been a dedicated dancer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater for nine years, continually nurturing her passion for dance and self-expression. Since graduating from All Saints, Gabby has embraced a new role by teaching and sharing her love of dance with the BOLD Arts community. Currently, she is the Vice President of her high school and her leadership extends beyond academics and the arts. Gabby's love for the arts spills over into sports and other passions: she has been the captain of the volleyball team for two years and is an active member of the track and field team. Moreover, she is committed to being a good human, regularly volunteering and giving back to her community. Gabby's vibrant spirit and dedication inspire those around her every day.

Zoë Wojnicki

Zoë Wojnicki is a 16-year-old actress, singer, and dancer. She has been dancing with BOLD Arts at school and at summer camps ever since she was little, and is so excited to take on the role of a teen assistant. Zoë previously danced with National Dance Institute’s Celebration Team, participating in performances at The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Marriott in Times Square, Annie Live (on NBC), Arts Nest, the NDI Gala, NYU’s Skirball theater, Forbes 400 Summit at the UN, and many more. Today, she is continuing to take classes and choreograph new pieces. At the heart of Zoë’s performing experience resides countless school musicals and plays, as well as some professional acting opportunities including background roles in The Crowded Room (on Apple TV), The Gilded Age (season 2), Into the Woods (at NYCC), and Jawbreaker (an MSU short film).

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