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It is inspiring to see all those kids having such an outlet for their energy and creativity. I love how your teaching allows them to be themselves on stage. It's really so unique and wonderful.

- Valerie, Fellow Teaching Artist

Last week, I saw school kids in grades 1-7 learn lessons in history, geography, social studies, financial literacy, problem solving, storytelling, cleverness, community, and career skills.They got these lessons through dance.

- Brian, Senior Director of Creative Carrot NY

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for our daughter’s self esteem and her confidence. She has been smiling from ear to ear since the performance and we have been talking about dance camp nonstop!

- Parent

BOLD is for every child, not just natural dancers.

- Parent

Every night I've come home, my son has raced over to teach me the dance he learned that day. It's hands down his favorite summer activity.

- Parent

You have a beautiful gift - your instincts and approach to teaching children is a thing of beauty.  

- Parent

Thank you again Ms Dana for your tireless work with Andy.  He really is appreciative and grateful of your contribution to him and his character but is not always able to express it or even remember to thank you but he really values your work together.  The results are staggering both as shown over time and by comparison to his peer-group.

- Parent


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