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This vibrant class blends the energy, freestyling, storytelling, and power of hip hop and breaking, with jazz technique, while embracing the creativity of the dancers. Students will develop musicality, choreographic skills, strength, teamwork, and confidence both onstage and off. A trademark of all BOLD Arts programs is that each person's individual strengths and personality shine through the work we create together. 


I am so grateful for your classes and instruction because I believe working with you is one of the primary ways that she has been able to express herself.

Our son has really grown with you and developed a confidence I didn't realize was possible.

Today's performance was simply EXTRAORDINARY.  It was endless fun for all of us spectators, and even more so for the children.  Thank you so very much for all that you do.  You have a beautiful gift - your instincts and approach to teaching children is a thing of beauty.  We are SO glad our daughter found her way to you!

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